Here are the basics to hiring my services. I don't like to complicate the process; there really is no need and keeping things simple, brings out the best in people.

I am based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.


There is just too much to cover for weddings, so if you are interested in hiring my services, please feel free to email me or use the "contact us" page above. We can discuss further on email and arrange to meet face to face.

Sensor Cleaning

Does your camera have a dirty sensor? Even with some of the most advanced new technology out there, over time there’s a strong chance you may experience the unwanted effects of dust / black spots on your camera’s sensor.

If you’ve cleaned your lenses, but you’re still seeing dark ‘spots’ on your images, it’s time to get your sensor professionally cleaned. These foggy blotches impair images, particularly when shooting against plain backdrops or white/grey skies.

You could try to clean your sensor yourself, but without the proper expertise and the correct cleaning equipment, you may seriously risk damaging your sensor. I've cleaned 100's of sensors, so don't hesitate to contact me to find out more and to get your images back to being crystal clear again.

Please note sensor cleaning is only available on interchangeable lens cameras.

Sensor cleaning starts from £35 for a 3-day turnaround service.

Need your camera back quicker or want a full equipment clean then we have the following upgrades to choose from:

- Full camera clean (incl. sensor, LCD, viewfinder, lens and filter) £10*
- Same-day upgrade £10*
- 1hr upgrade £20*

*Subject to availability. Prices quoted are in addition to the £35 base price. Ask me for more details.



I like to take photos that are completely natural and as much fun as possible. Thats why I believe it's best for you to choose the setting, enabling you and your family to be completely comfortable with your surroundings.

And, don't worry about kids or babies behaving....I have 3 boys of my own! I am used to bringing out the best smiles from the kids!

I feel the session shouldn't be rushed, but equally, we don't want the little ones getting bored. I go as fast or as slow as you or your children like, enabling me to capture the right picture. It's a more relaxed way of working and I feel I get the best out of the person being photographed as they feel more confident with me being around.


I think mornings are the best time to capture children as they are full of energy. Of course, afternoons are still possible and I have had some great sessions in the afternoon.

What I will say.....if you have thought about having photos taken of the kids, don't delay! They are always beautiful and you've just got to go out and do it! Please don't regret passing on the opportunity, as you'll never have that chance to catch them at that age again.


As I say, you can choose the location personal to you or for a small fee (currently £25), you can come to my studio at the Cheltenham Film & Photo Studio's based in Hatherley Lane, Cheltenham and have some portraits taking with high spec studio lighting.

I feel it's important for you to choose where you would like to be because you all need to feel comfortable.

If you choose your own location, it could be a walk in the park or playing on the slide, kicking up leaves in the autumn, or splashing in the paddling pool in the garden; your surroundings contribute a great deal to your images.

Wherever you choose, I am available to travel to you.


The usual format would be a framed & mounted print on quality photographic paper, at any size of your choice. You could even have a poster sized picture if of you wanted!

Other alternatives....

Acrylic Blocks and Panels (perspex) - Photos are bonded onto a single block giving it a 3D appearance. Great for desks at work / in the office.

PhotoBlocks - Photos are printed onto thick photographic paper and then cleanly mounted onto a wooden block, about 1 inch deep. These are very sturdy and look great on the wall.

Canvas Wraps - Printed on quality canvas and stretched around a wooden frame. Professional looking!

Split Canvas Wrap - Your photo divided into 3 or 4 parts, each section individually canvas wrapped.

Split Box Print - Again, your photo is divided into 3 or 4 parts and then inserted into a black box frame.

Books - If you would like lots of pictures altogether in one place, a 'coffee table' book is just the right order for you. See you favourite picture on the cover of your own book!

The list and choice is endless.....just speak with me and I will bounce ideas around if you are a little stuck...

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